Danny and Kesha

"May your sky always be clear, may your dear smile always be bright and happy, and may you be for ever blessed for that moment of bliss and happiness which you gave to another lonely and grateful heart. Isn't such a moment sufficient for the whole of ones life?

- Dostoyevsky

If there is one thing, and one thing only that I can convey to somebody looking for a photographer to capture their essence, it's this: I care about you. I care about your story, I care about your journey and I care about your future. That's why I put so much heart into my work and try so hard to personalize each session so that you can look at them later and confidently say from your soul  - "This is us"

That's what I'm going to work hardest on this year. Instead of concentrating my efforts on perfecting the technical aspect of photography, I want to be inspired by the imperfect people in front of me. Figuring out what makes your connections unique and shining a light on it.

Thank you Danny and Kesha for allowing me into your heart space 

- enjoy

Connor and Catriona

Anyone who knows me knows that I have issues with the cold. I have a really severe form of raynauds syndrome which means my extremities turn white pretty much the second I step outside and it takes hours for me to get the blood circulating again even once Im back in a warm setting. This causes me to get frost bite super quick and developing possibly worse issues like nerve damage to my fingers and toes. Which is why I don't shoot outdoors in frigid temperatures. However, if I take the proper precautions I can typically power through! Which is why I only accept one winter wedding a year. I LOVE the look of wintery weddings, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph this beautiful couple on their special day. The moment I met Catriona at our consultation I knew I liked her vibes and that we were a good fit for each other. To add icing to the cake, the day of the wedding wasn't really THAT cold! SUCCESS!!

Connor and Catriona actually have a really interesting story about how they met. It was completely accidental. Connor thought he was booking a flight to Monaco but found himself Africa bound to Morocco instead. They met in a hostel during what Catriona calls "the happiest accident ever!"


Kurt and Deedra {Kimberley/Cranbrook Maternity Photographer}

I was so happy to meet Kurt and Deedra after putting out a model call for an expecting couple. I had a vision of the type of session I wanted to do with them and they helped me bring it to life! They had fantastic chemistry and were open to the vibe I wanted for the shoot. I especially love how their connection is truly felt through these images which means the little muffin in Deedras belly will feel it too once he/she arrives.


The Grobells {Kimberley and Cranbrook family Photographer}

I felt compelled to blog this session because the beautiful forest pictured in these photos no longer exist! Its been completely logged and destroyed which hurts my heart a little because this was one of my favourite locations at one point. Thank goodness the beach area is still in tact but this spot will just never be the same. 

On a happier note, I always enjoy shooting these sweet hearts!!


The Ryters {Kimberley and Cranbrook Wedding Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple last Summer for the first half of their wedding day which took place in Cranbrook. I say 'first half' because the whole wedding traveled to Creston for part 2 of the festivities! How neat is that! I wish I could have made to the Creston half for the party portion but alas, I had an early morning trip to Banff for another shoot! This wedding was beautiful down to the last detail and so was the couple and their families! Thanks for making my job so easy you two! 



Kenito and Nikki

Ken and Nikki are celebrating 10 years as husband and wife. What better way to celebrate then to bring to life a vision of how they dreamed their wedding to be with a mix of vintage heirlooms and harvest vibes.

Enjoy watching their story



Florals/Table Styling/Arch: MJ's Floral Boutique

Makeup: Makeup Artistry by Candace

Black Wedding Dress: Tara's Boutique

Cakes - Cranbrook Cakes

Venue: Bull River Guest Ranch

kk sample-10.jpg

Sam and Aili {Invermere and Radium Wedding Photographer}

Oh my goodness! Where do I begin with this wedding! Do I start with the fact that I have never photographed a Bride as EXCITED as Aili was to marry her Italian stallion? Or should I lead with the fact that these two are the most gorgeous, down to earth lovable creatures that you'll ever meet? 

Despite the fact that Aili has been blessed with unreal beauty, she was less concerned with getting glammed up for her big day then she was about making sure she was not even one minute late walking down the aisle to marry Sam. The absolute highlight and pinnacle of her day was the moment she said 'I do'! I don't know if it gets any more romantic then that!

These two had a bond between them that could be felt in a crowd. Which made them so very easy to photograph and it was a genuine pleasure on my part to get to spend time with them and bask in the rays of young love.

Please enjoy some of my favourites from Aili and Sam's beautiful day


Jake and Rebecca {Kimberley and Cranbrook BC Wedding Photographer}

What a lovely day with a perfect couple. I had the pleasure of meeting Jake and Rebecca at my studio while they were in town interviewing photographers for their wedding. We instantly clicked. This couple was so easy to photograph and the connection between them was easy to sense. St. Eugenes is one of Cranbrooks prettiest venues and I always love shooting here. The weather that day couldn't have been better either!

Congratulations to this beautiful couple, I wish you many more years of happiness together!


The 'E' Family {Kimberley and Cranbrook Family Photographer}

Hey-o! Do you enjoy super cute families as much as I do? Well your in luck! I photographed another photographer from Invermere recently which is always a thrill for me! I don't know if there is a bigger compliment then when another photographer asks you to photograph them, because we are a SUPER picky breed! These guys made my life easy by just letting me capture their natural state, playing with their little fella Arlo. Beautiful family + beautiful light = A beautiful story.


Ashley and Tino {Cranbrook and Kimberley Wedding Photographer}

Well it's only been 11 months since Ashley and Tino's wedding so at least I can technically say a year has not yet gone by since I shot this wedding. It feels like only yesterday that I met this unicorn bride at Hot Shots in Cranbrook to discuss the details of her wedding day vision. She was easy to spot in the busy coffee shop with her flowing mane of candy apple red hair. I still to this day receive emails and inquires about this wedding "Where is her dress and veil from?" "Whats the name of her hair color?" "What venue did they get married at"? "Where are their flowers from"? Well, I don't have all the answers to these questions but this wedding was featured on the Junebug Weddings blog which answers a lot of those questions.

While I only knew that I would be shooting this wedding 2 weeks prior, I feel honoured to have been chosen and trusted by this rad couple. The vibes of this wedding were right up my alley and any photographic storyteller would have jumped at the chance to shoot them. All the details and aesthetic of the wedding were well thought out and executed from the centre pieces, green bouquets, man buns and beards to the gorgeous macrame archway. To say this wedding was stunning is an understatement.

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.