William and Channon

From the moment that I met Will and Channon at their consultation, I could tell we were a match made in heaven! When it comes to weddings, I like to get a feel for the type of people I'll be shooting because I want their wedding photos to be everything they ever wanted. The vibes have to be right and we have to like the same style for it to work, and the second I started talking to these guys about what they wanted I could tell we were on the same page.

Their wedding was so intimate, and despite the crazy storm that was rolling in, the ceremony went beautifully and they were able to have they're reception indoors at St. Eugenes, and get they're sunset portraits done after a gorgeous post storm break in the sky. The light was soft and romantic, we couldn't have asked for anything better. I adored watching the kids running through the meadow, and helping Mom gather a bouquet of wildflowers. The love radiating from this family was contagious and I'm so thankful to have been chosen to photograph them on their wedding day. 


Elli and Leni {Kimberley/Cranbrook Newborn Photographer}

Here are a few of my favourites from this gorgeous session. There's just something about that connection between a mother and her new baby. It's might even be the most profound of all human connections. I adore those beautiful stares between mother and child, trying to figure each other out, learn about who they are and what they'll grow up to be. It's a beautiful thing.

Enjoy xoxo

Justine's Baby Bump {Kimberley/Cranbrook Maternity Photographer}

My favourites from this gorgeous little Mama's maternity session. I recently did her beautiful baby girls newborn photos and I totally fell in love! It's always such a pleasure to meet the baby behind those bumps!! I had such a great time hanging with Justine during our sessions, she's so sweet and she's going to be such an amazing Mother.


Justine-14 copy.jpg
Justine-6 copy.jpg
JustineP-117 copy.jpg
JustineP-209 copy.jpg
Justine-7 copy.jpg
Justine-12 copy.jpg

That weekend Kootenay life...{ Kimberley/Cranbrook Family Photographer}

WARNING: This blog post contains boogers, and a dirty child. It may also ignite a desire for adventure vanning, turquoise water and serenity. Veiw at your own risk.

Lake days have officially begun here in my tiny section of the Kootenays. I know it's been here for a while for our friends to the west but 2/3 of my family is now slathered in sunscreen on a daily basis so that means the summer hustle is real. 

I have had a raging headache for about 2 weeks due to a pesky wisdom tooth wreaking havoc on the left side of my face, so needless to say I've been irritable, snappy and disinterested in anything involving moving my head off my pillow. However, my boys (husband, son and brother) wanted to go get fishing licenses and go to the lake for a few hours so I put my big girl pants up and sucked up the pain to try and enjoy my life a little. Even though my head was throbbing and the ride out was on another level of bumpy, we had a great time and I decided to let Kaz get dumpster baby dirty. All in all the evening contained all the ingredients for beautiful memories with my favourite people