My first newborn blog post!

Yay! I finally found a few spare moments to write (my first) blog post about a session! I couldn't decide were to start from…40 children ago, or just start with the latest. In the end I decided to just start from the latest and move forward from there :)

I had three lovely girls come see me yesterday and after I got over the shock of how much the Mama resembled a friend of mine, we were able to get going with the session. Normally I advise people to bring in their babies between 3 - 10 days, but seeing as how most people in the Cranbrook/Kimberley area have no idea I exist, she was referred to me by a recent client when her little baby was already older then that. 

And what a muffin she was! She most certainly wasn't interested in sleeping, and after about an hour of her snacking, and getting rocked by Mama we finally got her on the bean bag. 

Then after further chatting with Mama, I discovered that she was under the impression that newborn sessions are between 1 - 2 hours long as opposed to actually being 2 - 4 hours long! They actually had somewhere to be soon, so needless to say…the pressure was on! At this point I had only take a grand total of TWO pictures (as seen above) so with only 45 minutes left and a little muffin not interested in sleeping, we did a couple more set up's (of which she was in a very light sleep, and looked rather serene as long as Mamas hand was on her), then pounded out some sibling and Mother/Baby shots.

I was actually amazed at the amount of images we were able to get in such a short amount of time but in the end I'm very pleased with their set! And I suppose it doesn't hurt that they were all gorgeous, inside and out! I had a fabulous time with them and hope to see them again soon!