The 4 D's

Awww aren't they cute! I was super excited to get my hands on this family because I know they would be ok with me playing around with some more creative and dramatic editing. I did a couple editing variations of the family poses, from simple to semi-dramatic to a bit moody, Mom here is an artist, so I reckon she can appreciate that kind of stuff.

Fact: This shoot almost didn't happen. It was super nice, warm and sunny all day long and about an hour before session time -> Rain. And lots of it. In fact, a huge thunderstorm was rolling in. But! A few minutes before 7:30pm it cleared up a bit and there were even rare moments where the sun would peak out from behind a cloud for a few seconds. The ambient lighting was very very "cool" though. There was a natural bluish haze which wasn't really the best feel for what I had in my mind so I did end up doing some colour correction but at the same time, tried to keep the photos true to the feel of the evening. SO, here are the results :)

And who doesn't like an outtake right! Because sometimes you have to practice your silly face!