Sam and Aili {Invermere and Radium Wedding Photographer}

Oh my goodness! Where do I begin with this wedding! Do I start with the fact that I have never photographed a Bride as EXCITED as Aili was to marry her Italian stallion? Or should I lead with the fact that these two are the most gorgeous, down to earth lovable creatures that you'll ever meet? 

Despite the fact that Aili has been blessed with unreal beauty, she was less concerned with getting glammed up for her big day then she was about making sure she was not even one minute late walking down the aisle to marry Sam. The absolute highlight and pinnacle of her day was the moment she said 'I do'! I don't know if it gets any more romantic then that!

These two had a bond between them that could be felt in a crowd. Which made them so very easy to photograph and it was a genuine pleasure on my part to get to spend time with them and bask in the rays of young love.

Please enjoy some of my favourites from Aili and Sam's beautiful day