Jenelle + Justin

From time to time I connect with a couple on a deeper level then usual and thats what happened with Jenelle and Justin. Considering that it's very rare for me to meet someone in person on their actual wedding day and not prior to that, I honestly felt like I had known them forever. Shooting them was so easy and it flowed so organically. Jenelles feet gently kiss the ground as she moves with the grace of a dancer. 

And can we chat about Jenelles moment with her mother as she was putting on her wedding dress? I asked for her bridesmaid to step out of the room for a couple moments while she and her mother sat in the silence of the sanctity of the tradition of helping her dress for the last time. I stood at a distance to let them absorb the moment because it was heavy, I could feel it. As I saw her finishing up I got a bit closer and didn’t realize that I was crying until I lifted my camera up to my face and noticed it was wet. This is why I do what I do. These are the moments we want to hold on to.

Thank you so much Jenelle and Justin for being so kind to us and being such genuine and amazing people.